Dog daycare inside the house in Barcelona

You will stay inside the house as one of the family

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Canine nursery inside house

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Dog Daycare Inside the House

With this service, the dogs will be housed inside the house, in a single room for him. The rooms have large windows that allow the sun to enter, achieving a sunny space, and with heating in winter.

Sometimes they ask us that the dog is outside during the day and that it only enters the interior of the house at night to sleep inside.

Throughout the day they will take 4 walks through the different spaces enabled, of more than 600 meters each, which we have. Where the dog can exercise and enjoy this natural space.

Dog Daycare Inside the House

What do our clients think?

The opinion of our clients matters to us, dejanos la tuya.

What do our clients think?

The opinion of our clients matters to us, dejanos la tuya.

Since he was a puppy we always leave Xato with LLuis in Fontfreda, the facilities are great and the treatment they give our dear friends is exceptional, the first time I left him when he was 6 months old and with a heavy heart, when I went to pick him up he was happy, jumping around LLuis, the collection and delivery service is super comfortable, Xato when he sees LLuis’s car, he jumps running inside, the truth is that it is reassuring to know that we leave them in such good hands, and in such a suitable place to them, where they run and exercise.

Congratulations for a job so well done!!!


The last long weekend, and after reading so many positive comments, we decided to leave Kala in Fontfreda. We have to say that it was a success, despite the fact that our dog is fearful, territorial, we are a rather “complicated” dog.

From the outset when he saw Luis, it already seems that he liked him, he licked him and everything. But the surprise was around the corner, she came crazy happy, she looked happy and well cared for. We will certainly repeat.

Thanks Louis!

Montse y Óscar

It is the first time that by leaving our dog Juliette in a care she has arrived without losing weight since in other cares she arrived very thin and with Luis she did not lose weight, she arrived super healthy. We notice her very happy, obedient, more sociable with dogs and humans since she tends to be very suspicious towards others and she arrived renewed thanks to the special care of Luis and his team. We definitely recommend 100% the Fontfreda Residence for the care of your pets.

Thank you very much Luis and team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almarisse y Alejandra

Formats and Prices for Accommodation

Details of the rates applied for each of the accommodation formats that we offer


Minimum requirements for the entry of dogs into the residence


  • Dogs are vaccinated at least four times a day
  • Potentially dangerous breeds third party insurance
  • Some protection against external parasites, be it a pipette, necklace, pills…
  • Microxio


  • Trivalent vaccine and leukemia at least daily
  • Some protection for external parasites. Pipette. (recommended)

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