Frequent Answers and Questions

These are some of the most common questions we are often asked


What I must make to reserve?

The reserve always will be confirmed after a telephone conversation.

It can realise a request of reserve by means of the forms that found in each page on watch, once we receive this request, we will make contact with you to initiate the reserve process.

It is necessary to think that it is an animal with its customs and odd habits and we like to know a little as is related to its same types and strange people.

What do we need from the dog or cat when Fontfredas team come for it?

It would need to us:
– The health card to verify that it is allright.
– Its bed or a blanket
– If it has a special diet, sufficient ration for the days that it will be with us.
– The strap with which usually it leaves to take a walk
– Protection for the external parasites
If it is a cat would make lacking the health card with its vaccines to the day (Leukemia including) and some protection for external parasites
If it has special food To bring its food.
Your trasport cage (soft not).

When they come to pick him up, they go upstairs and look for him at home?

For the collection and transport of animal, our vehicle of transport would approach until its house, would warn the client of its arrival and the client would give his mascot to us in the street

How often do they take them for a walk a day?

We removed them four times to the day, have 5 parks of recreation of about 600 meters square each, normally we put a pair in each park, if there is some conflicting dog with other dogs we removed them I complete so that when it leaves to take a walk does not see anybody and this calm one

How often do they feed you a day?

Normally we give them one in the morning, however if the dog has a special diet or custom, we will adapt the number of times to their daily diet, trying not to alter their customs.

If the pet has medication will you give it?

Whenever you indicate the pattern of administration, we will be happy to take care of your pet. But it is imperative that you tell us exactly the dosage and the pattern. If you administer this medication by deceiving you with some type of food in particular (Sausages, cheese, foie, …), it is necessary that you provide us this food.

Are the animals alone at night?

The facilities are a few meters from our house, so the animals are never alone. At night they are usually very calm, when walking so many times a day they use up enough energy, they eliminate a lot of stress, which leaves them very happy and relaxed.

Can we call to ask how my pet is?

Yes. You can call whenever you want, we take care of how important your pet is for you, if you wish we can send you photos and / or some video for your peace of mind

My dog two weeks ago that I adopt it. Can I bring it to the Dog Day-Care?

All adopted dogs and cats, coming from nurseries or animal shops, must spend a minimum of 45 days before being able to enter the nursery