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Day-Care Dogs in Barcelona

We create a warm, homey and welcoming atmosphere, conducive to the welfare of the puppy

Zoological Nucleus

Zoological Nucleus B-2500661 granted by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia

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Canine day-care for puppies

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The service of Canine Day-care center it we have specifically made for young puppies or dogs mainly.

We dedicate a special attention to the needs that have the puppies, due to its short age require of a specific attention and a more constant pursuit then everything him cause sensation, its behavior before which it surrounds to him is the one of an explorer who wants to discover it everything.

The feeding also is another section that usually is different in the puppies with respect to already adult dogs.

If the climatic conditions are not so warm them we can protect in our home or connect the heating. Dry climate, never has caught a cold us a dog.

In addition we dedicated a personal treatment to those animal that by their anatomy or health require an ample attention much more. For the tranquillity of the owners, we counted on the attendance of one of the best veterinarians of Spain.

Additionally we have a customized service of day-care center within house to those clients who wish that his better friend feels like at home.

In our canine day-care center they always leave very happy. Bring your pet to our canine daycare center and will be part of our happy friends.

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From puppy always we left to Xato with LLuis in Fontfreda, the facilities are wonderful and the treatment that they give to our friendly beloveds exceptional, the first time leaves it with 6 months and with the shrunk heart, when I went it to gather was happy, jumping around LLuis, the service of collection and home delivery he is super comfortable, Xato when it sees the car of LLuis, jumps inside running, the truth is that it is a tranquillity to know that we left them in so good hands, and place so adapted for them, where they run and they make exercise.

Congratulations by the work done so well!


The past long weekend, and after reading so many positive commentaries, we decided to leave Kala in Fontfreda. We must say that a success, although our dog is timid, territorial was everything, we go “a complicated” small dog enough.

Of entrance when it saw Luis, already it seems that it fell to him well, licked and everything to him. But the surprise went to the return, came as crazy from contented, it was to him happy and well well-taken care of. Without a doubt we will return to repeat.

Luis thanks!

Montse y Óscar

It is the first time that when leaving to our Juliette small dog in a care has arrived without losing weight since in other cares it arrived very thin and with Luis not under weight, arrived super healthful. We noticed it well happy, obedient, more sociable with dogs and humans since it lies down very to being distrusted towards the others and arrived renewed thanks to the special care of Luis and its equipment. Definitively we recommended the 100% Fontfreda Residence for the care of its mascots.

Very many thanks Luis and team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almarisse y Alejandra

Formats and Prices for the Lodging

Detail of the tariffs applied for each one of the formats of lodging that we supplied

Dogs Hotel

  • Cage 15 €/day
  •  Within house 25 €/day
  •  Service of delivery and collection at home 12 €
  • Minimum stay 2 days

Dogs Residence

Long Seasons
  • Special prices for long seasons
  • Check availability

Cats Residence

  • Adults
  • Cage 10 €/day
  •  Within house 13 €/day
  • Puppies
  • Cage 11 €/day
  • Within house 13 €/day
  • Service of delivery and collection at home 12 €

Requirements for entry into the center


  • The dogs tetravalent to be up to date
  • Potentially dangerous hazards insurance to third parties
  • Some protection for external parasites pipette necklace pills …
  • Microxio


  • Cats trivalent vaccine and minimal leukemia to be up to date
  • Some protection for external parasites. Pipette. ( recommendable )

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