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Generalitat de Catalunya

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The Hotel Canino service has been designed to provide accommodation for those dogs whose owner has to be absent on time, for a not too long period of time.

At the Fontfreda Residence you can house your pet for as long as you want, where you will find a homely and cozy atmosphere, where you can enjoy the nature of Alt Pendes and the company of many friends.

During your stay in our facilities, the dog will receive the care of our professionals, who will take care of its well-being at all times, taking care that it receives the necessary affection so that it feels like it was in its second home.

We will carry out 5 daily walks in our different recreational areas, where you can enjoy freely, play and do the necessary daily exercise, avoiding any episode of stress or anxiety due to the absence of its owner.

The dog will be cared for at all times. If the animal feels any discomfort or is injured, we have all the necessary veterinary equipment to attend to it quickly.

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Thank you for the excellent care of the pets Luis, your residence is a second home for Hanna and work


Thank you so much Tristan for taking such good care of me the two months I was hospitalized, he came back clean and happy, highly recommended.

Nieves Santamaria

I loved the service my dogs were happy.

Monica Riverov

Formats and Prices for Accommodation

Detail of the rates applied for each of the accommodation formats we offer

Canine Hotel Service Prices

Minimum requirements for the entry of dogs into the residence


  • Dogs are vaccinated at least four times a day
  • Potentially dangerous breeds third party insurance
  • Some protection against external parasites, be it a pipette, necklace, pills…
  • Microxio

PPP breeds , because in the recreation parks, we made the fences of 1.40 so as not to break the natural environment, we are obliged to not be able to accommodate this type of breeds that would be a danger to the other dogs, for the ease of jumping the fence from the parks to the neighboring parks.


  • Trivalent vaccine and leukemia at least daily
  • Some protection for external parasites. Pipette. (recommended)

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